October 15, 2014

Weekend Three

(1) Ate Spanish tapas in Menlo Park. The husband was craving tapas, so we tried out a new place that he found on Yelp. Their portions were tiny, and the food wasn't all that authentic. How disappointing!

(2) Went to the San Carlos Art and Wine Fair. I got free wine glasses/beer cups for being Yelp Elite, so we decided to drop by. They had a huge selection of beer and wine, but it was too hot to really enjoy walking around.

(3) Went to a wedding in Healdsburg. My oldest friend (who I've known since I was ~2) got married at Madrona Manor. The wedding venue was super cute, and the food was really good too. At 99 degrees, it was definitely the hottest wedding I've ever been to!

Mom of the groom playing champagne pong. Too awesome!

Countdown to vacation starts now!

October 7, 2014


I took last Friday off and went to Vegas for a long weekend with some girlfriends. 

(1) Had afternoon tea at the Mandarin. I love afternoon tea, and I was super excited when I convinced my girlfriends to come with me. It was everyone's first English afternoon tea experience, and everyone loved it. Also, I saw Pandora Vanderpump drinking champagne there.

Tea time at the Mandarin with the ladies! @iamcpizzle @surreally @khaleesi_dorathki

(2) Ate really delicious sushi at Soho Japanese Restaurant off the strip. It's shocking how Vegas has such fresh and reasonably priced sushi, considering it's in the middle of a dessert. We feasted on uni, scallops, oysters, salmon, hamachi, and tons of other types of sashimi. I am definitely going back the next time I'm in Vegas. 

(3) Went clubbing at XS. Still the best club in Vegas! What more do I need to stay? After clubbing we went to eat pho, and it was many times more delicious after you've been drinking.

(4) Went to the Britney concert at Planet Hollywood. Her show was such a production, and I think she changed outfits 10 times during the 1.5 hours. I've never seen so many Britney fans in one place!

Britney!! @iamcpizzle @surreally @khaleesi_dorathki

(5) Drank and ate a lot. My friends gambled a lot, so I hung out with them and drank while they were playing. We had dinner at Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse and it was really good. Their 24 ounce bone-in ribeye was huge, and we should have just ordered one to share. We had lunch at Estiatorio Milos in the Cosmo and it was just as good as last time.

It was a great trip, and now I'm ready to go back! 

October 1, 2014

Weekend Three

(1) Celebrated a friend's mid-year raise at Gyu-Kaku. I guess technically this was mid-week (and I forgot to Instagram the photo that I took), but we celebrated at happy hour with lots of drinks and Japanese BBQ. Their happy hour drinks are pretty good!

(2) Went to a friend's wedding. One of the husband's good friends from high school got married. He was a groomsman so he had lots of responsibilities during the day, but I was just a wedding guest so it was great. It's definitely wedding season! There are so many weddings coming up in the next few months.

(3) Booked plane tickets to Southeast Asia in December. We considered so many vacation options, but everything was so seasonally overpriced. Either the airfare or the hotels were ridiculously marked up. One of my rules is that I refuse to go anywhere colder in the winter, so we finally decided on Southeast Asia. And we were able to book our tickets using miles. Yay!

Short work week and Vegas this weekend! Can't wait!