May 17, 2015


I spent last weekend in Vegas celebrating my birthday. When I'm traveling I try to remember to Instagram, but I usually get so caught up enjoying my vacation that I forget.

Here is what I can remember:

(1) Ate lots of delicious food. We rented a car, so we were able to get to all of the great places off the strip. We went to Raku, Lotus of Siam, Soho Sushi, and Pho Bosa. All of them were good!

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(2) Went to a shooting range. The place that we went to was like a playground for boys. It had tons of military stuff on display, including tanks and helicopters. I fired a pistol because I'm afraid of larger guns. The husband mentioned that it was my birthday and they let me shoot a grenade launcher. It was scary!

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(3) Went clubbing at XS. This is still one of my favorite clubs, ever. It was surprisingly uncrowded and there were a lot of places for us to sit and relax. We were supposed to go to Omnia on Saturday night, but we were too busy drinking that we never made it to the club.

(4) Drank a lot while others gambled. I don't know how people gamble and drink at the same time, because after a few drinks I can't focus on what is happening in front of me.

Can't wait until the next trip!

April 15, 2015

Paso Robles

I had an unexpected few days off work, so I gathered up some friends for an impromptu wine tasting trip to Paso Robles.

We drove down on a Friday afternoon, had dinner at a local seafood market, and went to an awesome local bar named the Pour House.

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The next day, we took an all day wine tour of nearby vineyards. We had a great time eating lunch outdoors at Le Vigne Winery, tasting the huge pours of reserve wine at Hunt Cellars, and playing drunk bocce ball at Midnight Cellars. Good times!

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This time we only came back with 3 bottles of wine!

March 4, 2015

Whiskey Tasting Night

After a long three week detox from alcohol, the husband and I hosted a whiskey tasting party.

Highlights of the night:
- 10 bottles of whiskey
- whiskey ginger jello shots
- clams with white wine and garlic
- "faux gras"
- lumpia
- macarons
- instant pho

We were up drinking until 4 am that night. Good times!